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Downloads Home

Dover Revamped

  • Dover Revamped 2009 Chase Edition

    Date Added:
    Dov12The track has:

    - Updated billboards
    - Updated logos
    - Updated pitstall selection
    - Both a flagger and a pitlight at pitentry and exit
    - And much more...


    Pit entry/exit lights:
    By Ian-S (aka Smiffy) at V8Thunderonline.co.uk NR2003 League.

  • Dover Revamped 2009

    Date Added:
    Dov8Here is a list of what has been updated:

    - Updated grandstands
    - Updated logos (wall, grass and billboards)
    - New pitroad
    - 2009 pitselection
    - Pit entry/exit lights

    Pit Entry & Exit Lights provided by Ian-S (aka Smiffy) at V8Thunderonline.co.uk NR2003 League.


  • Dover Revamped 2008

    Date Added:

    The track has:

    - 2008 pitselection
    - 2008 wall signage
    - 2008 infield logos
    - ...



  • Dover Revamped 2007

    Date Added:
    Dov2The track has:

    - Safer walls
    - Revamped pitroad protocols
    - 2007 pitselection (and a track.ini with default pitselection)
    - 2007 wall signage
    - 2007 infield logos
    - Spring race and Fall race signage, depending on what you choose
      (a folder is included with signage for the fall race, check the read me for more info)
    - A competative high groove

    RSmithdrift did the ai editing for this track. More of his work can be found here: http://www.superspeedway.net/take2/index.php?showtopic=4362 including his papy_ai.ini and some more work for Revamped tracks. Expect more of his work included in our tracks in the future. If you want the ai to move around a lot in the turns, you should defenately use his papy_ai.ini, if you use ours you'll get a more conservative ai that will run more on the bottom.
    And probably some more stuff I forgot.



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