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Pocono Revamped

  • Pocono Revamped 2009

    Date Added:
    poc2Updated version of the previous Pocono Revamped. Besides the usual updates, this track also has that newer patch in turn 3 and the ai will use that patch to get through turn 3. This track also has a C5 ini with somewhat experimental values, that will simulate the real tire drop off even more.

    Not all billboards are updated, because a lot of billboards had a lot of small text on them, instead of big recognizable logos, so it was really hard for me to find out what exactly was on those billboards by using the tv footage.

    This track does have:

    •Updated wall logos
    •Some updated billboards
    •Updated pitroad
    •Revamped pitroad protocols
    •2009 event 2 pitselection
    •Other updated 3do's
    •Other small updates

  • Pocono Revamped Beta

    Date Added:
    poco rrThis is a beta build, it is a continued update from SS.net's version of Pocono.
    Thanks to JJ for the permission to edit.



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