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"A racing league with a massive keg on Pit row"


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We have gottin in touch with Steve Luvender of nrsetups.com formally Setupswap.com.

He has graciously extended his permission for us to host all of the setups that was offered on his site.

As it stands it is only a plain text page with the files and no upload button.

We will begin making a new page and a logo for it in the spirit of those former websites.

In the meantime feel free to grab whatever setups you need from us



Forums news.


It wasn't easy but new forums were very much needed.

We hope that they will serve us well going into the future.

They are thin but DeeEss is populating them as he has time.

To check them out and to get lots of new information concerning BTR, our racing, and our future please click the forums link to the left.


BTR 2014 racing season news.

There has been no announcement of a 2014 season so far this year.

We are currently involved in other venues and have pretty much decided to take a break from racing this year so far.

It is however very likely we will be picking it back up sometime before the year is up, even if its only for a few short races.



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All servers are currently and only temporarily offline. They will be back later this year. You can check the status of other servers at

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BTR is a proud user of all the Revamped_Reloaded tracks we can get our grubby mits on


Revamped Reloaded has authorized BTR exclusive hosting privileges for all of their updated tracks files for Nr2003.


To find out more about these AWESOME tracks click below

and sign up.

and for Nr2k3's sake SUPPORT them !!!