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Brothers of Tru Racing

NASCAR Racing 2003 Racing League

"A racing league with a massive keg on Pit row"


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Brothers of Tru Fragging

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Server Rules:

Servers are open 24/7 except during official races (points or not) and your allowed to pretty much do what you want with it.
This is a privilege, DO NOT ABUSE IT.
When connecting to one of the servers make sure no one else is on the server before making any changes to it. Never do anything that will restart a session unless you are alone on the server or unless everyone on the server is in agreement.
This is an almost unforgivable sin.

Be respectful. We are a fun loving bunch.

These servers are provided for the enjoyment of all.

Being rude and a butt in general will only serve to just get you kicked and/or banned.


Please check the SMS lobby for current server status.

SMS Lobby



(Cup11s, nws11, gn70v25, pta, tptcc2)






(Rally, cts, gn70v25)



(AD67, gn70v25, AeroWar88)



(Cup11s, nws11, cts, gn70v25, AD67,

pta, tptcc2)


Special Events:
currently inactive

Except for our Special Events Server

Our Servers are up 24/7 and are always open except during official Points races. They are free to use anytime. All we ask is that you please abide by our open server rules.

BTR is a proud user of all the Revamped_Reloaded tracks we can get our grubby mits on.


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