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"A racing league with a massive keg on Pit row"


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In order to run these tracks you will first you will need to update your shared folder in your tracks folder.

C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\tracks\shared

To do this you will need 2 updated files.

Their 2010 and 2011 shared folder updates. They make them in both high res and low res.

The 2010 updates the original shared folder. The 2011 updates it further.

To get it to work the 2011 shared folder CANNOT be installed by itself. It has to be installed behind the 2010.

For you convenience we already have the high res versions combined


(If you need the low res versions please visit our main Revamped Reloaded download page to download and install them individually.)

Once you have the combined High Res update, backup your current shared folder, then unzip the update and then drop it into your tracks folder overwriting the shared folder.

Then your updated.


You can download them and install them individually


Here's how


First back up your shared folder.

Second grab the "Shared folder update 2010 (LOW-Res)" or  the "Shared folder update 2010 (HI-Res)"

Both are .exe so just double click which ever one you want and it'll update your shared folder for you.

Third grab either the "Shared Folder 2011 Mip Update 512" or the "Shared Folder 2011 Mip Update 1024 HQ"

These are 7z zip files. You'll need either 7z or winrare to unzip them. Once you've unzipped the one you got you'll have to dig into it and get the shared folder out of it and drop it into your tracks folder letting it overwrite the shared folder that in there.



Now you can use any of Revamped's updated tracks

and we use ALOT of them :)


Don't forget though, they have alot of other great updates to

Like the Revamped's papy_ai.ini which you get also get


It allows player and AI cars to race each other harder, and make a little contact, without spinning out the player or AI car as quickly. It also allows AI's to recover from accidents better. Finally, it causes more realistic mechanical failures, and increases the chances of an AI cutting a tire down and not being able to save the car, for more realism.

Backup our old ini before installing!


They also have some great updates to the sky textures that you can get here as well.


Be sure to give them a visit and tell them how much you appreciate everything they do.

So give them a visit, sign up, and if possible



Please check the SMS lobby for current server status.

SMS Lobby



(Cup11s, nws11, gn70v25, pta, tptcc2)






(Rally, cts, gn70v25)



(AD67, gn70v25, AeroWar88)



(Cup11s, nws11, cts, gn70v25, AD67,

pta, tptcc2)


Special Events:
currently inactive

Except for our Special Events Server

Our Servers are up 24/7 and are always open except during official Points races. They are free to use anytime. All we ask is that you please abide by our open server rules.

BTR is a proud user of all the Revamped_Reloaded tracks we can get our grubby mits on.


To find out more about these AWESOME tracks click below

and sign up.

and for Nr2k3's sake SUPPORT them !!!